Lalla Rookh - in Amsterdam / Restaurants [with 3D] / Surinamese

Lalla Rookh

Wijttenbachstraat 290

Tel: 0031 (0)207764048
Opening times: 12pm - 10pm closed Tuesday

Web: website

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If you're looking for cheap eats in Amsterdam then check out the Lalla Rookh Surinaams/Asian restaurant. Their Rotis (pancake/chapati) with egg, potatoes, vegetables, and a choice of lamb, chicken, fish, or vegetarian version, are excellent value. They also offer a wide range of combinations with rice or noodles, wok prepared dishes, soups, and snacks. Lalla Rookh is fully licensed to sell wines, beers, and spirits. They also offer takeaways, and a special catering service for 8 people or above.


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