Mac Bike Marnixstraat - in Amsterdam / Things To Do / Activities

Mac Bike Marnixstraat

Marnixstraat 220

Tel: 0031 (0)206266964
Opening times: 9am - 5.45pm

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Mac Bike are a well established bicycle hire operation with three shops around central Amsterdam. They offer good quality bikes with manual or back-peddal brakes, two good locks on each bike, anti-puncture tyres, equipment for children, insurance, and information.
Prices are as follows:
2 hours (same day) 4.00
1 day (same day) 6.50
24 hours 9.00
2 days 11.00
3 days 16.50
4 days 20.25
5 days 24.00
6 days 27.25
Extra days at 2.50/day
(standard bicycles with manual brakes and gears +50%)
(21 speed hybrid bicycles +100%)
1 passport+30, or 1 credit card, per bicycle.
1 passport/1 credit card per four bicycles.

Hiring a bike is a great way to get around Amsterdam. It is quite usual to give way to the right on the roads here unless otherwise specified, and keep an eye open for taxis, buses, and trams. There are plenty of cycle lanes to make life easy for cyclists in Amsterdam, although one does find that tourists are often keen on walking along them, or stepping out in front of cyclists without looking.
Mac Bike offers a good basic bike hire service from friendly, helpful people. Remember! ALWAYS lock your bike to something secure. Stealing bikes is quite a pastime for some people here.